Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why There Will Be a Shortage of Doctors with ObamaCare

ObamaCare has a lot of controversy around it, and will provide subsidies for low income families with Health Insurance Exchanges. However, if you make over $45,000 you will not qualify for any subsidies and individual health insurance plans will be more expensive to obtain. Our infographic provides surprising facts, such as how medical school admissions are down by 6% while more than 32 million people will be newly insured and need to see a doctor with the Affordable Care Act. This means longer hours for doctors, higher patient loads, and a lot of insurance red tape. According to the Doctor Patient Medical Association Foundation, 83% of doctors surveyed are thinking of quitting with ObamaCare in place. Take a look at our infographic below, and be sure to get affordable health insurance now before you face a tax penalty.

9-1-1: Medical Emergencies in America

33% of the patients in an emergency room are there because of an injury. 67% of the patients go in for bodily discomfort, pain, or fevers. This infographic from River Oaks Emergency Center in Houston shows more about emergency care in the U.S.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

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Report on Selling to Healthcare Organizations

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