Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Being Successful !!

Success, defining it varies based on perspective of the person who is trying achieve. Some cases, you believe achieve money that never end is success. In other cases, achieving a title which you always wanted can be defined as success. Money, Title, Pride, Peace in Life or Joy all can be tied to success.

I believe, success is something you achieve everyday and compiling those success along the way can make you successful. You will achieve you goals regardless what they are, if you try to achieve success everyday. What is success in day to day ? Person can be successful at something if he knows what he is doing, just getting work done doesn't make anyone successful. So next time when you get up and go to do work, think of that do you have motive around doing it or do you think you will achieve something by doing what you doing , You would ask, what if i work at burger-king at 6$ an hour, where is success in that work. It comes down to what you want to achieve, you consider that as 6$/hr paycheck and you flipping burger without any real goal behind it there is nothing to it. But for example, you see that as your experience in Customer Service and you are learning human behavior while doing it can be useful eventually to get you another stage.

So focus on what you doing, why you doing it and what is that you are trying achieve that can lead you to your goal.

Success is not something measurable that is something you feel inside you ...

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