Saturday, September 19, 2009

Processes, Processes Processes !!!!!

Now i realize the difficult stage of management without processes. I do not think that people has problem nor that People come to work thinking they are not going to work. People always want to work, you have to create environment for them to motivate to do their best. How would you create environment that foster the teamwork and motivation.

Two things

1) Processes
2) Trust in Each Other.

I know usually people roll over eyes when they hear processes. Believe me i do too but nothing is important that have to know how to do something. I think best analogy would be that you have 90 page report and there is no index or TOC (Table of Conten), now how hard that makes to relate to that doucment and find it. Now mind well, Report without index and TOC doesn't make it a bad report it just that its hard to follow it or jump to specific topics. Same way Processes is not necessarily makes work automatically better; they just help to achieve something efficiently.

Trust, heavy word... but very easy to achieve. First and foremost, clear out your mind with every presumptions about anybody on team. Try to be open with team mate and Trust automatically comes up. Once you are open other team member will do same to you and that fosters the trust.

So just my two cents !!!!