Friday, September 14, 2007

We @ BOND saying this from long time.

We @ BOND have this integrated Kiosk Check in system from last one year so we definately know that its efficient and speed up the procees.....

Emergency Department Kiosks Speed Patient Check-In Process

Some hospital emergency departments throughout the country have begun using self-service computer kiosks in waiting rooms to help reduce long lines and help nurses identify the most urgent cases, the AP/Miami Herald reports. At Parkland Memorial Hospital in Texas, which has three kiosks, patients spend about eight minutes checking in using touchscreens to enter their name, age and other personal information.

Patients can choose from a list of ailments and a list of body parts to indicate where they feel pain. Patients with serious injuries, such as those with gunshot wounds or who have been in car accidents, still are rushed in for treatment. Once patients are done registering, the information is transmitted to a nurse's computer screen. Patients with chest pains, stroke symptoms or other serious complaints take priority.

New Jersey's Newark Beth Israel Medical Center plans to install ED kiosks in the next few months."Patients don't always know if their symptom is potentially bad or serious," said Dr. Marc Borenstein, chair and residency program director for Beth Israel's department of emergency medicine.However, despite the kiosks, patients with lesser complaints often still wait a couple of hours for a nurse and several more to see a doctor, according to the AP/Herald

Source: ihealthbeat

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