Thursday, September 13, 2007

God Help Michigan Docs !!! .....They chose Misys

Michigan docs choose a vendor to help build HIE
Healthcare IT News By Richard Pizzi, Associate Editor

GRAND RAPIDS, MI – West Michigan Physicians Network, an organization of 450 physicians representing various medical and surgical specialties and practice sizes, has named a preferred healthcare IT vendor to help it create a community-wide health information exchange. The WMPN Board of Directors has endorsed software products offered by Misys Healthcare Systems of Raleigh, NC, including the Misys EMR for electronic medical records and the Misys Tiger practice management system.

The physician network announced that, as EMR adoption increases in West Michigan, physicians could begin sharing selected patient information and data via the Web-based Misys Connect technology. “WMPN leadership strongly believes in the long-term value of EMR in supporting the patient care goals of our physician practices and the community,” said Tom Janda, executive director of West Michigan Physicians Network. “Our job is to assist our members in making the best decisions regarding EMR, to negotiate attractive contract terms, and to assist where possible with implementation.”According to Misys, multiple practices within WMPN are already using the company’s products, and the vendor claims that its broad customer base in the western Michigan area was a major factor in the selection process. “In reaching this important decision point, the West Michigan Physicians Network has fulfilled a primary commitment to its physician members and also outlined a promising future for the patient population of the state,” said Mike Etue, senior vice president of sales for Misys Healthcare. As part of the new relationship, WMPN said that its members already are starting to take advantage of pre-negotiated contract terms and favorable product pricing to deploy new software in their practices.

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  1. Those poor doctors. I wonder how long it will take Misys to implement 600 docs?